Mirinda - Battle of the flavors


Campaign: Battle of the flavors
Brand: Mirinda
Client: Pepsi Co
Submitted by: Graffiti BBDO
Contributing Agencies: OMD - Media Agency, Spoon Digital Agency, The Practice - PR Agency


In 2017, we wanted to leverage the new brand territory set in 2016 – ‘Mess with your senses” - to further build relevance and enhance brand’s emotional link to consumers. Besides focusing on the core Orange variant, Mirinda planned to launch a Choose Your Flavor Activation by inviting consumers to choose between two new candidate Mirinda flavors – Watermelon and Pineapple.

Mirinda’s fruity sensorial burst has the ability to switch you on to playful contagious experimentation whenever you are having some time out with friends, when you are in a break or just want to satisfy your immediate thirst. For our young consumer this need is not about escapism but rather about childish messing around. It’s about playfulness and experimentation in the real world with real people (friends).
Key Consumer Insight: need for triggers to explore new experiences.
Brand Role Role: Mirinda switches you on to playful contagious experimentation
Product Role: the two new candidate flavors are the catalyst for experimentation
Media Opportunity: the core consumers are growing in a time of digital expansion therefore the digital environment adds value to their experimenting sessions and engaging possibilities.

With +1 mil consumers reached and + 9 mil impressions Mirinda has held the no.2 position in top beverage brands on Social Media in Romania for 4 months. Brand Power score increase and improved brand associations have helped generate double digit sales growth in a shrinking market and increase Relative Market Share vs. Fanta.




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