Carrefour - CopyStore


Campaign: Carrefour - CopyStore
Client: Carrefour România
Brand: Carrefour România
Entrant Agency: Publicis România


 Carrefour is the Romanian's longest-standing hypermarket, having opened its first store in 2001. Carrefour was the first to shape the Romanian modern retail and its success was built on providing the BEST PRICES in the market. But, in the beginning of 2014, there was no time to rest on past laurels. Retail business has changed dramatically and Carrefour was facing the hardship of the new retail order, being challenged from all sides: message, distribution and media budget.

We invented a new “player” in the segment that had all the traits of the competition: always trying to match our offers but never succeeding. This is how the COPYSTORE platform was born. Remember Wile E Coyote’s hilarious failing attempts to catch Road Runner? That was our frame of reference. Carrefour decided to change the game and be the first brand to literally broadcast a “RETAIL DRAMA”. We constructed all the elements like for a TV series: entertaining plot, iconic characters and engaging narrative. A series about COPYSTORE’s board of directors that acted like the coyote, humorously trying to replicate Carrefour prices and failing every time.

Despite the aggressive expansion of the competition that opened 249 new stores in one year, Carrefour became the brand with the biggest business increase. This contributed to Carrefour becoming the 2nd biggest player in Romania.

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