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The private mandatory pension is a lot of advertising and no information. 
Or the other way. 

If I call an ING Consultant I receive only information and no advertising. To convince yourself, call 0.800.390.800. Or enter

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I went through the pension law and there’s a lot to read, and I don’t understand a thing. 
But there’s a solution. 

I might call an ING Consultant to tell me what this is all about, shortly and directly. To convince yourself, call 0.800.390.800. Or enter

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I don’t think this is the place and either the moment to find out about mandatory pension. 
Not necessary. 

I can call right now 0.800.390.800 to get in touch with an ING Consultant and he can make it clear for me. At the right place and the right moment.

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The most satisfied people from all over the word are those from ING country. 
Choose the ING pension and join the 75 million citizens of the ING country.

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ING Country has the least worries per capita in the world. 
Choose the ING pension and join the 75 million citizens of the ING country.

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ING Country has the least worries per capita in the world. 
Choose the ING pension and join the 75 million citizens of the ING country.



Looking for pensioners, 18-35, good sense of humor, for signature, friendship possibly.

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Special ooh

We want an ING Consultant come to us too!

Special print for GS

The ING County national team selection is made by taking into consideration the results the players had in the precedent phase, in the national championships in the countries where ING Pension Fund is present. The results obtained by the players according to the sports’ speciality-press, are compiled by the Gazeta Sporturilor’s editors, post by post. And since ING Pension Fund is present in each and every of the coutries with the most powerfull championships in the world, the resulted team is probably the best football team in the world, at this very moment.


Agrisu de Jos

Will this gentleman come at 3 in the morning, in a house from Agrisu de Jos, to give me information on the mandatory pension? 

At 3, probably only this gentleman. But at a more normal hour, him or one of the other 530 ING Consultants that activate in Bistrita area. Any of them would be happy to explain to you what the mandatory pension is about, whenever you wish, at your place. For Agrisu de Jos or any other place in Romania, call 0.800.390.800 to get in touch with a consultant. Or pick one from

Choose from the site

I understood that all the ING Consultants can be found on a website, with a picture and a phone number, and that I can pick my consultant from there? 

Yes, on you can found 35.000 ING Consultants with a picture, phone number, mess adress and some other personal data. Since this is a meeting, we thought that you might like to know some things about the person we will talk about the mandatory pension. And even more, if the person will come at your place. But we also created this site from some practical considerations. For instance, maybe you would preffer to call a consultant who has a mobile number at the same mobile operator as you. Or maybe you would rather talk on mess, instead of calling 0-800-390-800. And, why not, maybe you’re a Cancer and preffer to find out what is going to happen with that 2% from a compatible sign.

Ask him

Ask him what you risk if you sign with two pensions funds and all that you want to know about the mandatory pension. Call him now at 0.800.390.800.

He can explain

He can explain you in a half an hour what you can learn in a few days. 
Call 0.800.390.800 and get in touch with the ING Consultant to find out everything that you must know about your mandatory pension.

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If you miss a train, there will be always another one. This will not happen regarding the mandatory pension train. 

Because if you are not decided to which fund your pension money goes, after 17th January you will be randomly distributed to a fund that you didn’t choose.
So catch a train when you still have time.

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One day you will not take the subway to your job. And then you’ll remember the day when you called an 
ING Consultant to deposit your pension money to the world biggest pension fund. The day you choose to be one of those 75 millions of ING customers worldwide. The day that you made the right choice to save the money earned daily. Call now 0.800.390.800 and get in touch with one of the 35.000 ING consultants.


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