Praktiker - From house to home


Campaign: From house to home
Client: PRAKTIKER România
Brand: Praktiker
Entrant Agency: DDB România
Second Agency: Tribal Worldwide România


Background/objectives: Though a top brand Praktiker is “the one that missed out the most on the market” (“marele perdant al pietei”), according to Wall Street, being on a continuous lose in terms of profit, net sales per year, customers per year and TOM awareness. We wanted to cease the loss in both terms of business and communication by finding a relevant and distinct territory on the Do-It-Yourself market and create a renewed brand.

Strategy: Since Praktiker’s image wasn’t so clear in the mind of the consumer, we looked for a way to be different from our competitors while being relevant for our target and instead of talking about prices and what’s around them or about decisions and plans (who were already used intensely by others), we took the very well-known but never yet approached Romanian truth: almost everybody is aspiring of having their own place.
Physically, we’re talking about a house but emotionally we’re talking about a home and the personal differences between a space and a real place, between square meters and people around.

Results: We succeeded stopping our decreasing of net sales per year not only by maintaining them but having a reinvigoration, a growth with +3% for the first time in years.
We also not only succeeded stopping our decreasing of customers per year by maintaining its value but actually we had a real growth for the first time in years (+7,2%). (source: client data, all year 2014)
For having a picture of the percentages in terms of real money: a ZF analysis shows Praktiker, who lost millions during 2009 & 2013, each and every year, is having for the first time a revival, finally bringing in 2014 a profit of +20,5 million Euros.


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