HBO Romania – Family or the family?


Campaign: Family or the family?
Client: HBO România
Brand: HBO
Entrant Agency:Centrade Integrated
Media Agency: Media Investment


“UMBRE” is an HBO locally produced action-drama series, with neo-noir comedy accents. One of the biggest challenges in promoting this new series was to show how “UMBRE” was miles-away different from any other local action-series. For that we needed to stir a must-see level of buzz and interest in the pilot episode.
The success of the pilot episode (aired on December 28th) would predict the success of the series itself.
The success of the series was crucial for shooting a 2nd season.
But how do we get Romanians to watch a Romanian show they might dismiss because it is Romanian?

Most men barely have one interesting life to tell. Relu has two.
His struggle was captured in headline “FAMILY OR THE FAMILY?”.
Like Relu’s double life, the word “family” has a double meaning, too.
His wife and kids are family, the men in the mafia are the family.
Because we all know that the most important decisions in life are about one’s family. But what happens when a man has two families? That was the trick question we sent out to potential viewers in a multi-media campaign.

The launch campaign delivered results beyond expectations / Record-breaking viewership for a free sampled episode, surpassing the most popular Game of Thrones episode / Record-breaking buzz levels in terms of gained media for a local HBO production, 3 x higher than previous record / And the best news of all? SEASON 2 was confirmed.

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