Ariel - I CAN because I POD

Public Case Summary

Campaign: I CAN because I POD
Brand: Ariel
Client: Procter & Gamble România
Lead Agency: GraffitiPR
Contributing Agency: Mediacom România

Public Case Summary:
Ariel needed to come up with a new approach to connect with the younger target, that was not responding to traditional advertising.

Team: Laura Moisiu, Communications Director - GraffitiPR // Ileana Cocias, Former Brand Director Fabric Care SEE - Procter & Gamble Romania // Geanina Iamandi, PR Specialist - GraffitiPR // Mira Sfura, PR Consultant - GraffitiPR // Mihai Gitu, Multimedia Art Director - GraffitiPR // Calin Fodor, Graphic designer and video editor - GraffitiPR // Razvan Resmerita, Communications Director SEE - Procter & Gamble Romania // Madalina Savulescu, Senior Digital Content Consultant - GraffitiPR // Daniela Hristofor, Brand Manager Ariel & Tide - Procter & Gamble Romania // Eduard Biciusca, Junior Digital Content Specialist - GraffitiPR // Ramona Bilic, Former Media Manager Fabric Care - Procter & Gamble Romania // Elena Cazan Bulacu, Brand Director Fabric Care SEE - Procter & Gamble Romania // Ioana Deliu, Media Manager - Procter & Gamble Romania // Cristina Iancu, Group Creative Director - GraffitiPR // Roxana Diaconescu, Digital Content Consultant - GraffitiPR // Mariuca Tiron, Planning Lead for Laundry Care - Mediacom Romania.


To trigger millennials' attention and interest, the laundry expert turns into a friendly sidekick, showing that doing laundry can be a fun thing.

Our campaign not only managed to engage millennials and drive sales but also forged a new model of approaching communication that is now considered crucial for the continued success of the business.

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