OLX - Mercador becomes OLX


Campaign: Mercador becomes OLX
Client: Allegro Online Services
Brand: OLX
Entrant Agency:The Geeks
Media Agency: Optimum Media Direction Plan & Buy


Background/objectives: In April 2014, Mercador had to start a rebranding process to become OLX.ro exactly when it managed to achieve the no. 1 spot on all relevant leadership indicators on the classified market.
The rebranding was a difficult challenge as it risked jeopardizing everything the brand accomplished so far and threatening its chance to win the classified ads war.

Strategy: Keep the already successful strategy in place (showing buyers in executions in order to attract sellers), in spite of the name change, and repeat the new name of OLX, as this will increase the chances that the name is remembered and pronounced correctly.

Results: The rebranding campaign proved to be a huge success: after less than a month 91% of Romanian correctly attributed that OLX is the former Mercador. Even more, OLX became no.1 in terms of Top of mind, outranking long known competitors as Tocmai.ro and Okazii.ro.


Wave 1 - Mercador becomes OLX

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Wave 2 - The Young Moldavian Guy

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Wave 2 - The Amateur Photographer

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