Carrefour - Proofs of Love

Public Case Summary

Campaign: Proofs of Love
Brand: Carrefour
Client: Carrefour
Lead Agency: Publicis România

Public Case Summary:
20 years ago, Carrefour was the 1st major retail to open its stores in Romania. You’d think that having the longest relationship with consumers in the market presents its advantages. The only problem with long-term relationships is that with time they can get BORING. Like marriages. If you take it for granted it fades away.

That's why we set out to change the way people felt about Carrefour, and spice up the consumer-brand relationship.

Team: Titus Dumitrescu, Executive Creative Director - Publicis Romania // Casina Horobeanu, Digital Copywriter - Publicis Romania // Sherin Arabo, Digital Art Director - Publicis Romania // Mircea Tomescu, Director Marketing Communication - Carrefour // Elena Carcu, Copywriter - Publicis Romania // Narcis Horhoianu - Director Marketing and Board Member Carrefour Romania - Carrefour // Elena Tanase, Client Executive - Publicis Romania // Irina Stoleru, Senior Art Director - Publicis Romania // Madalina Stefan, Senior Digital Client Manager - Publicis Romania // Otilia Coman, Senior Copywriter - Publicis Romania // Calin Buzea, Head of Client Business Management - Publicis Romania // Corina Tudor, Senior Client Lead - Publicis Romania // Loredana Barla, Senior Brand Strategist - Publicis Romania // Ilinca Necula, Senior Client Manager - Publicis Romania // Raluca Kovacs, Chief Strategy Officer - Publicis Romania // Camelia Efrimov, A/V Production Lead - Publicis Romania // Ioana Ghilerdea, Brand Manager - Carrefour // Felicia Ghilita, Operational Traffic - Publicis Romania // Claudia Rusu, Head of Commercial Communication Marketing - Carrefour // Andreea Bragaru, Commercial Campaign Manager - Carrefour.

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