Rexona for men

Campaign: Rexona for men
Brand: Supporters League
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Headline: Mission Possible

Slide 1:

Slide 2:
You will shoot on target with the gun

Slide 3:
You will drive a car with 200 HP

Slide 4:
You will fly with a helicopter.

Slide 5:
You will recruit secrete agents (women)

Slide 6: You will win the equipments of a secret agent:

3 Professional binoculars Alcor
7 Philips Digital Mini Cameras
15 Casio sport watches
25 Mini Lanterns


Rexona for Men

Rexona for Men, the devoted fan of the real supporters presented the Supporter League, intense passions lived at the extreme.

In the last 3 months, Rexona for Men awarded the passion for football of the real supporters during the Supporter League Campaign. Day after day, the most beautiful and intense stories experienced by the supporters made their appearance in the 11th page of Gazeta Sporturilor.

The supporters didn’t afford any break. Rexona for Men stood up for them and assured that they are in their best shape in the moments of extremely passion.

Thousands of supporters told us their stories and 80 of them were awarded. Each one had an extraordinary story to tell, proving the real supporters commitment for their soul team. They all went through the end and lived passionately with their team the tension of some unforgettable minutes.

We had an extraordinary example, even it was really hard to understand or accepted by some supporters. Marian Strainu is a Dinamo supporter since childhood. But at the UEFA semifinals Steaua – Middlesborough, Marian was in Steaua gallery singing during the entire game with the supporters of Dinamo rival.

We have to mention also the Supporters league- the series for the real supporters. Each episode was a truly inspiration for the Romanian supporters. Being impressed by this kid, fan of Barcelona team who raised money during 3 years in order to go to a game of this Catalan team, Radu Neamtu follows his example and raises money to see an Arsenal game at London.

Do you know what’s the team of all supporters? The national team. Paul Pana comes from a family of true supporters kept apart by their love for different club teams. Despite this, they are together when it comes about the National Team regardless their soul team.

Extreme passion leads to extreme sensations. How many of us knew a Dinamo supporter, which is also a climber? The Supporter’s League has presented us one: Ludovic Iulian Vieru from Iasi. Her made a bet with himself that will take the white-red flag on the top of the highest mountain in Europe, the Elbrus point in Caucasian chain. Although he needed few years, he made it.

And, we’ve also convinced ourselves that football isn’t a ground where only men step in. There were few times when girls collected the 100$ daily award by proving us that they are as much of a supporter as men are.

Again, there were few that knew before Supporter’s League that foreign teams have real fans in Romania. There have been 3 months in which Rexona for Men awarded the passion for football no matter their favourite team, age or sex.

All the stories that we’ve received proved us that passion for football resembles with a dream, which sooner or later will come true. This is probably the reason the fans are always optimistic.

The first edition of Supporter’s League ends here, but Rexona for Men will stay close to all the real fans and to the endless passion that excites them.


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