Dacia Logan Prestige - Romanians want more


Campaign: Romanians want more
Brand: Dacia Logan Prestige
Client: Dacia Automobile
Submitted by: Graffiti BBDO
Media Agency: OMD


Background/objectives: After the successful launch of a limited edition 10 Years Anniversary Logan in 2014, Dacia Romania decided to turn it into a permanent top of the line version of Logan starting with fall 2015. The campaign’s challenge was to prove that by stretching Logan’s range of features and price at the upper limit we could grow Logan’s overall business in Romania.

Strategy: Prospective buyers of the family-centric Logan are working class Romanians from all walks of life. However different they may be, there are a few traits that they all share. Their lives lack big ambitions but do have a sense of accomplishment – slowly but surely they work to improve their status in life, the welfare of their families and the fate of their country.

Continuing the bold emotional approach started in 2014 we wanted to encourage Romanians to aim for more and reassure them that Logan’s got what it takes to meet their higher expectations. We chose not to communicate price at all and only talk about optimism in a profoundly Romanian way, one that includes a opposite view also. The choice not to communicate the price of Logan Prestige (which is high by Logan standards) was due to the fact that we wanted the communication to reflect on Logan overall not just on the top version, to impact all Logan customers not just the more affluent ones.

Campaign Big Idea: A Logan that is more for people who expect more from others and from themselves.

Results: Logan Prestige helped increase Logan’s sales performance for fall 2015 and this, in turn, contributed to the highest annual market share Dacia had in 10 years.


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