ING Salary account - Salary's best friend


Campaign: Salary's best friend
Client: ING
Brand: ING Salary account
Submitted by: Headvertising
Contributing Agencies: Zenith Media// Senior Interactive



Salaries are the “most wanted” assets for all retail banks.
Once a client brings you his salary, you are able to build a solid long-term relationship with him, having higher odds to sell him many other products.
For this campaign the objective was add 100 000 salary clients by December 2016 (vs December 2015), and with this figure, ING strived to reach a new milestone: 10% market share


People do not care about boring bank accounts. People care about living & breathing things..
But then almost everything you do is facilitated by your salary. This “being” that gives you money, as a hen would give you eggs.

What if the salary would be some kind of animal?
This is how we came up with “Leutzu”: a “salary pet”, one of many. Loosely based on a shaggy dog, Leutzu is his master’s best friend, so he’d better take good care of it.


The desired 100 000 salaries during January-December 2016 were surpassed, and ING reached 106 221 salaries at the end of the campaign.
The market share increased from 8,1% (end of Q4 2015) to 10% (end of Q4 2016), a 23% market share increase

Four months into the campaign (May 2016) ING had its best historical performance in “interest about salary card”.
And by the year’s end – with a sizeable 30% increase year on year – ING surpassed every becoming leader in searches about salary products, for the first time ever.


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