Antrefrig - The Piglet Voice


Campaign: The Piglet Voice
Brand: Antrefrig
Client: Hame România
Submitted by: Graffiti BBDO
Second Agency: GMP PR
Media Agency: Havas Media


Background / objectives : To stop slowly decreasing sales and regain previous market shares

Strategy : What do you do whan you start to lose matches ( read market shares ) and the other competitors have budgets 3 times bigger that you? Think football: you activate your twelfth player – the supporters! That’s exactly what Antrefrig did by organizing the biggest digital voice casting in Romania and inviting the fans of the famous blue piglet to shout FICAT-FICAT in his place.

Results: 6 weeks ( and 3034 uploaded voices ) later and in a very unfavorable market context Antrefrig raised 1,4 % in market shares while its competitor, Ardealul , lost 1,8 % - the match was won !


1_Announcement Spot (Antrefrig)

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2_Fans Voices 1 (Antrefrig)

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3_Fans Voices 2 (Antrefrig)

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1_Online Mechanism (Antrefrig)

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