Effie 2024 Eligibility

Any and all marketing communications efforts/campaigns, whether full campaigns or special segments within a campaign are eligible to enter. Retail experience, online, viral, buzz, direct mail, PR, Radio, TV – any medium or any multiple combination of media – any examples of work that demonstrate how you tackled your client’s objectives can be entered.

To enter you must detail the “why” behind the strategy and provide proof that your work achieved the results that were initially set forth before the campaign began.

To enter the EFFIE Awards, your case must contain:

  • Campaigns that have run between 1st of January 2023 – 31st of December 2023 (for Sustained Success: at least January 2021 and must include results from 2023).
  • Campaigns may have been introduced earlier and may have continued after, but your case must have run predominantly during the eligibility period.
  • Winning campaigns in sustained success category could re-enter the same category only after 3 years have passed.
  • Campaigns must state clear objectives & offer proof of having met or exceeded them.

Special Circumstances

  • For all categories: for campaigns that ran at the end of the eligibility period, you can submit results that cover the month of January 2024, too. Results can be either brand or business results.
For example: if your campaign ran in winter, starting in November 2023 and lasted until 31st January 2024 you can present results that cover this entire period – including if the data was obtained in February or March 2024 from a 3rd party (Research Agency Nielsen, etc.)


  • We encourage all contributing parties to work together to submit a case, as in many instances collaboration yields the most effective, complete, and successful campaigns. You must credit all of your main strategic and creative partners for each case submitted. Effie also asks for individual credits (team members).

The creation of campaigns and entries should be in line with all other relevant and valid advertising laws, Codes and Regulations.

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