Effie 2021: Organizing Committee

Effie Romania 2021 Organizing Committee is made of 13 representatives from the marketing and advertising industry. Irina Pencea, Managing Partner and Co-Founder Jazz, has been elected President of the committee this year.

The 2021 Effie Committee is made of:  Adrian Țuluca – Managing Director Propaganda, Bogdan Niţu – General Manager & Partner GMP+WEBSTYLER, Corina Bratu – Senior Strategic Planner Leo Burnett Romania, Cristina Moşteanu – General Manager Cohn&Jansen Creative Network, Daria Gonța – Senior Brand Manager Water, Dairy and New Business The Coca-Cola Company, Irina Pencea – Managing Partner & Co-Founder Jazz,  Mihai Trandafir – Managing Director UM Romania, Raluca Kovacs – Chief Strategy Officer Publicis Romania, Roxana Mătăşel – Marketing Director KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Ruxandra Rău – Brand & Communication Strategy Director Telekom Romania, Silvia Mihăilescu – Marketing, Communication and CSR Director, ING Bank Romania, Simona Panait – Marketing & Online Director Samsung Electronics Romania and Bulgaria, and Şerban Alexandrescu – Associate & Executive Creative Director Headvertising.

Effie 2021 Organizing Committee was formed based on the new algorithm established at the end of last year by IAA and UAPR, an algorithm that takes into consideration the results from the last three years of competition. Following the gathered points in the 2018-2020 editions, representatives were chosen from the first 8 best-ranked agencies from the point of view of performance, respectively the first 5 best-ranked companies.

In the first meeting of the new committee, Irina Pencea was voted President of the Organizing Committee for this year’s edition:

“I feel double-lucky: firstly, because I was nominated and I received the vote of confidence of the best professionals in the Effie elite – my committee colleagues whom I thank – and secondly because this happened in the year of change. The 2021 edition will acknowledge the best companies in 2020. 2020, the year in which in April we didn’t think we will have any more communication, let alone communication with results worthy of prizes. On the contrary, I have seen some great examples, companies that inspired me in 2020, which I hope we will see and applaud in the 2021 edition of Effie. Because Effie 2021 is the edition where we will see change on several levels: we have a new formula to assemble the committee based on meritocracy and we have the chance to choose from the companies that made it through the most unpredictable of years, and which made it because they reinvented themselves, they adapted rapidly. I would name Effie 2021 the Edition of reinvention and I invite all of you to be a part of this reinvention: as marketing teams or agencies which enroll cases, as judges or as supporters.”

The Call for Entries for the 2021 Effie Edition is predicted to start at the end of February, while the Awards Gala is planned for June.

For all the details about Effie 2021 access www.effie.ro.

Romanian Effie Awards 2021 is a project organized by IAA Romania and UAPR. 

Strategic partners: Deloitte and Nielsen

Traditional partner: The Institute

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