Effie Effectiveness Index Romania 2014

Effie Romania launches Effie Effectiveness Index Romania, starting with the 2014 edition. The top gathers the information about the Romanian winners and finalists in a local index. The ranking structure is the same at a global level and all the details about it are public on http://effieindex.com.

The Effie Effectiveness Index identifies and ranks the marketing communications industry’s most effective agencies, advertisers and brands by analysing finalist and winner data from 40 worldwide Effie Award competitions.

Originally launched in June 2011, the Effie Index can be used to reveal the most effective agencies, advertisers and brands globally, regionally, in specific countries, or even in different product categories.

Effie Effectiveness Index Romania 2014 results

In the Effie Effectiveness Index Romania 2014, the most efficient clients are Vodafone Romania with a Gold Effie and a Grand Effie and Procter & Gamble Romania with 2 Silver Effie, one Bronze Effie and 2 finalist campaigns. They are followed by Unilever, Mediafax, PepsiCo Romania, The Coca-Cola Company and Ursus Breweries.

Top Clients

Vodafone Romania – 20
Procter & Gamble Romania – 20
Unilever – 18
Mediafax – 16
PepsiCo Romania – 12
The Coca-Cola Company – 12
Ursus Breweries – 12

Number one in the brands’ top is Vodafone, the Grand Effie winner for the “Ghiță The Social Shepherd” campaign and also Gold Effie winner. Next in the top are Gândul, P&G Multibrand, BRD Groupe Société Générale and Lay’s.

Top Brands

Vodafone – 20
Gândul – 16
P&G Multibrand – 12
BRD Groupe Société Générale – 10
Lay’s – 10

Top 3 agencies are Graffiti BBDO with 2 Gold Effie, 4 Silver, 1 Bronze and 2 finalists, McCann with 3 Gold Effie, one Bronze, 3 finalists and Grand Effie, Geometry Global with 2 Silver, 2 Bronze, 4 finalists. They are followed by Leo Burnett & Target and by GMP Advertising.

Top Agencies

Graffiti BBDO – 51
McCann Bucharest – 49
Geometry Global Romania – 28
Leo Burnett & Target – 27
GMP Advertising – 20

The winners of the 11th edition of Romanian EFFIE Awards were awarded during the Effie România 2014 Gala, that took place on the 16th of June, at the Romanian Atheneum.

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