Effie Talk “Cracking the Effectiveness Code” Or “How to be more Effie-cient?”

This 10th of March we’re c back with the 2nd Effie Talks event – “Cracking the Effectiveness Code”, organized by IAA Romania and UAPR, in partnership with Kantar.  

We shall be discussing live on Facebook about how to reach success in marcom, along with Andra Constantinescu, Andreea Dîrzu și Liliana Tincu, from Kantar.

Whether or not we’re talking about a mix of creativity and effectiveness, or combining different disciplines for the best possible outcome, our discussion will focus on the “key success ingredients” that can help anticipate the efficiency of ad campaigns.  

What are we getting out of this?
Throughout this event we want to answer the following questions along with our speakers:
– What are the ingredients of a successful ad?
– How can we create a visible boost in sales over a short period of time?
– How can we contribute to a long-term increase of the brand attractiveness and what’s the role of creativity?
– How do TV ads work with consumers?
– What is the key ingredient to sales success and how can we reach it?
– What are the “signs” that should guide us in order to anticipate whether or not the ad will be efficient?  

These questions will be answered by Kantar specialists, who will bring documented arguments based on their over 40 years of experience in brand guidance studies. Kantar is a world leader in the data analysis industry, information and consultancy, with the mission to offer services that contribute to understanding audiences everywhere. Their experience was built on over 200.000 pre-tested ads worldwide.

We shall be inspired by…
Andreea Dîrzu, Account Director, Qualitative Division | Creative Domain Expert, Kantar. Led by curiosity and a passion for people, she has over 14 years of experience in Marketing Research, Project Management and data analysis.         
Andra Constantinescu, Account Director | Creative Domain Lead, Kantar. She is professional in the Marketing Research domain, with over 10 years of experience In Account Management, Development and Creative Development.
Liliana Tincu, Senior Consultant | Analytics Lead, Kantar. With an ample history of professionalism in Marketing Research, she is proud of her skills In Consultancy, Quantitative Research and Consumer Behavior.  

We are looking forward to seeing you on March 10th between 10:30-12:30
Live on Facebook, here: https://fb.me/e/2F4PYFml2
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