Entries at Effie 2008 reflect the dynamics of the Romanian Business market in Romania

After opening the cases subscribed at 2008 Effie Awards, the organizing committee has decided to restructure the categories in contest.
This decision to split some of the categories was taken after a great number of cases have entered the trend sections dictated by the dynamics of the market in Romania.
It is part of the attribution performed by the organizing committee to create or to diminish the categories in order for the competition to better reflect the growing directions of the business market.
One conclusion after analyzing the entries is that a great number of cases have joined The FMCG Promotion and Non FMCG Promotion categories. This has lead to the decision to split the two sections and obtaining the following ones: Promotions FMCG Food, Promotions FMCG non Food, Promotions non FMCG Services, and Promotions non FMCG Products.
Another very popular section of 2008 Effie Awards is the Financial Services category. This is why the organizing committee has created two new sections out of it: Financial Loans si Financial Others.
In 2008, the 5th edition of Romanian Effie Awards, has reached a record of entries: 90 communication campaigns, registered by 29 Romanian advertising agencies and companies.

Winners of the competition will be announced during the Awarding Gala, which will take place on the 15th of May, starting 19.30, at club Bamboo.

The tickets for 2008 Effie Gala can be purchased from The IAA House (126, Calea Victoriei, 3rd floor, 1st sector of Bucharest. Phone: 0311 050 991) starting the 5th of May. The costs of a ticket to the event are as in follows: 470 RON/person for IAA & UAPR members and 670 RON/person for non-members.

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