What’s new about Effie 2008?

The 2008 edition of Romanian Effie Awards brings in a few novelties meant to provide a more accurate description of the actual and modern business environment, to which the competition is dedicated. Romanian Effie Awards 2008 will be organized by The International Advertising Association (IAA) and Uniunea Agentiilor de Publicitate din Romania (UAPR).

The novelty that describes this year’s edition is, first of all, about the competition’s categories but also about the methods to fill in the subscribing briefs.

Sustained Success is a new and special category, which awards campaigns that have experienced sustained success for a period of THREE or more years. This prize honors campaigns which have made the proof of constant performances and which have exceeded the stated objectives. Results must date back since January 2005 and must include also the current year 2007.

This section is dedicated to cases which may include one campaign developed throughout the above mentioned period, but can also include more campaigns which have fulfilled the same objectives regarding the strategy and the creative executions. Those fundamental elements of execution (character, spokesperson, song, theme, tagline, etc.) must demonstrate effectiveness over time.

Cases subscribed for Sustained Success category must be illustrated with works reliable for at least two media that are representative for the campaign. The efficiency of the subscribed case will be supported with relevant examples from the first year of campaign, the intermediary year but also the current one.

A special entry kit has been dedicated to this section: The Sustained Success Brief.

“The Sustained Success category may seem surprising for such a young industry like ours, but the fact that a great number of brands have entered and won many Effie competitions is evidence that there are a lot of opportunities for successful cases to be built throughout three years’ period of time. Most certainly it will be a challenge for both agencies and clients, and we truly hope it will raise interest. We also hope that the benefit will be worth so as to fill in a special brief, a more complex brief than the one dedicated to the other standard categories”, Afrodita Blasius – Managing Partner, Bridge Communication, Member of The Organizing Committee of Effie Romania, declared.

Improvements have been introduced also regarding Social Services, where a definite distinction was placed between Non-profit/ Pro-Bono, Public service campaigns (which include advertising of a public service nature for a non-profit organization or association, political messages, and special interest/trade group advertising) and Corporate Reputation, Image & Identity (includes sponsorships, corporate image and identity; advertising to promote corporations, not exclusively their products/services).

Non-profit/ Pro-Bono, Public service campaigns is the only campaign for which no subscribing fee is needed, provided that the agency proves it disposed of no media budget. Renaissance section, dedicated to rebirth campaigns, will be better defined starting the 2008 Effie Edition. Cases in this category must hint at brands that suffered a decrease of at least one year and a growth/ increase of at least six months.

Regarding the subscribing briefs, participants will not be imposed to use a limit of characters for filling them in, but a 10 point font will be required. No binding space will be imposed for filling in the paragraphs. Competitors will have the possibility to manage the number of pages specified for each brief, as they consider, on the condition that no paragraph is omitted.

The two participating briefs (Effectiveness Brief and Brief of Sustained Success) can be downloaded from the official site of the competition – www.effie.ro.
The competitors must state the source of the data written in the briefs.

Registrations can be made until the 1st of May 2008 and will be centralized by Millenium Communications – the organizing agency. The winners will be announced during the Awarding Gala that will take place on the 15th of May 2008.

The local edition of Effie Awards is a project signed by The International Advertising Association (IAA) in partnership with Uniunea Agentiilor de Publicitate din Romania (UAPR) and will be organized by Millenium Communications for the second consecutive year.

Effie Awards were organized the very first time in 1968, in The United States of America, by The New York American Marketing Association and aim towards recognition of the most efficient advertising campaigns – campaigns that achieved the objectives which they have been created for.

The first Romanian edition was held in 2004.

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