What’s new for EFFIE 2023?

EFFIE Awards Romania 2023 brings some important news in this special edition celebrating 20 years of experience, excellence and creativity in the Romanian marketing and communication industry.

On 6 February we launch the competition and open registration!

What is changing at category level?

This year, EFFIE 2023 includes several additions and changes to the categories, inspired by the constant evolution of the marcom industry in Romania. These include:

  • Added: 2 new Product & Service Categories: NEW PRODUCT OR SERVICE – LINE EXTENSION and GOVERNMENT & PUBLIC SERVICE;
  • Added: 3 new Special Categories: DATA-DRIVEN (Media), MEDIA INNOVATION (Media) and POSITIVE CHANGE SOCIAL GOOD – DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION (Positive Change);
  • The existing BRAND EXPERIENCE category will be renamed to EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING;

More information on the definitions of the new categories, or updated definitions for existing categories, can be found here.

Changes to entry forms

The entry forms for this edition (both the classic and SUSTAINED SUCCESS categories) will receive a few small updates for an improved experience.

  • Added a short brand building statement;
  • Simplified all questions, shifting instructional language to the entry kit;
  • Increased word counts to enable better storytelling;
  • Updated language to be consistent with updated Effie Framework of Marketing Effectiveness;
  • Section 2 rename: Insights & Strategic Idea -> Insights & Strategy;
  • Section 3 Bringing Ideas to Life -> Bringing the Strategy & Idea to Life
  • Audience question moved from:
    • Section 1: Challenge, Context & Objectives to Section 2: Strategy & Insights
    • Section 3: Bringing the Strategy and Idea to Life has expanded to include three sub questions.
  • Removed rule about no screengrabs/images in the written response and instead each question says a max of 3 charts/visuals (was 3 charts/graphs)

More information can be found here.


Option to publish case after 3 years has been removed. There are now only two options:

  • Publish As Submitted
  • Published an Edited Version (may not redact entire results)

What’s changing in the judging process?

The judging process will be kept almost identical to last year’s iteration, except for some small qualitative changes in Round 1 judging, inspired by suggestions from last year’s jurors. These changes are:

  • Round 1 judging will last 10 days in total, taking place during the jurors’ free time;
  • At the end of the 10 days a moderated case-by-case structured discussion will be held;
  • The duration of this discussion will remain the same: maximum 4 hours.

More about the judging process here.

EFFIE 2023 calendar

EFFIE 2023 opens for entries on 6 February and the registration period will run from 6 February to 13 April. More information on the EFFIE 2023 calendar will be shared soon.

Good luck!

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