Aqua Carpatica - Everything Will Be Alright

Public Case Summary

Campaign: Everything Will Be Alright
Brand: Aqua Carpatica
Client: Valvis Holding
Lead Agency: Cohn & Jansen Creative Network
Contributing Agency: Screen Native

Public Case Summary:
With children having fewer moments of water drinking outside the house due to Covid-19 Government restrictions, Aqua Carpatica Kids' volumes were at risk.
A campaign starring a kids choir encouraging everybody to stay optimistic, singing a reinterpreted version of “Everything will be alright” a song by Andra, brought Aqua Carpatica Kids high visibility and significant increases in sales and market shares.

Team: Andrei Cohn // Managing Partner & Creative Director Cohn & Jansen Creative Network, Roxana Cristea // Group Creative Director Cohn & Jansen Creative Network, Daniel Moisa // Art Director Cohn & Jansen Creative Network, Cristina Abdel // Strategic Planner Cohn & Jansen Creative Network, Arina Stoenică // Group Account Director Cohn & Jansen Creative Network, Oana Știrbu // Account Manager Cohn & Jansen Creative Network, Diana Crâșmariu // Head of Strategy Cohn & Jansen Creative Network, Raluca Popescu // Social Media Manager Valvis Holding, Cristian Megherlich // Creative Director Valvis Holding, Jean Valvis // President & General Director Valvis Holding, Valentina Vesler // Head of Communication and Advertising Valvis Holding, Andreea Badea // Art Director Valvis Holding, Gabriel Săftescu // Media Manager Valvis Holding, Tudosie Menotty // Special Project Manager Valvis Holding, Andreea Velicoiu // Social Media Manager Valvis Holding, Mugur Pătrașcu // Managing Partner Screen Native, Alexandra Dinu // Account Manager Screen Native

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