Telekom - #SmallBusinessesFan

Public Case Summary

Campaign: #SmallBusinessesFan
Brand: Telekom
Client: Telekom România
Lead Agency: LEO BURNETT
Contributing Agencies: Media Investment | V+O

Public Case Summary:
#FanAfaceriMici is an atypical B2B initiative in which Telekom, a supporter of digitalization & technology as a way to connect businesses with the opportunities of now, engaged consumers into helping small businesses struggling to survive in the lockdown’s aftermath.
Telekom harnessed the passion that people have for their favourite small businesses and encouraged them to promote them on social media. As a result, this initiative brought Telekom a 66% increase in consideration amongst business owners and contributed to the 12,5% increase in sales volume for SOHO+SME.

Team: Andreas Aron // Group Creative Director LEO BURNETT, Oana Năstase // Senior Digital Planner LEO BURNETT, Nadejda Ghilca // Senior Art Director LEO BURNETT, Maria Ilea // Digital Account Manager LEO BURNETT, Șerban Tudorache // Copywriter LEO BURNETT, Victor Stroe // Head of Planning & Associate Director LEO BURNETT, Mihai Lucanu // Brand Communication Director LEO BURNETT, Corina Bratu // Planning Director LEO BURNETT, Eduard Cîrstea // Art Director LEO BURNETT, Roxana Pascal // Digital Account Executive LEO BURNETT, Alexandru Mazurchievici // Media Relations & External Communications Expert Telekom România, Carmen Miu // Media Marketing Expert Communication & Brand Strategy Telekom România, Gabriel Traistaru // Director Digital Telekom România, Ruxandra Rau // Director Communication & Brand Strategy Telekom România, Gabriela Lulea // Marketing Expert Communication & Brand Strategy Telekom România, Ciprian Postelnicu // Head of Media Communication & Brand Strategy Telekom România.

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