ING - The Fast Forward Loan


Campaign: The Fast Forward Loan
Client: ING Bank România
Brand: ING
Submitted by: Headvertising
Contributing Agencies: Mullen Lowe Profero// Zenith Media Communication



In 2016 ING aimed to continue their revamp process set in 2015, by turning towards the mainstream public and staying firmly on the list of “banks you can actually go ask for money”.
The biggest challenge encompassed a sustainable and durable repositioning of ING as a “popular bank” when it comes to lending. We had to get on the radar of many more people yet unconvinced that “ING is within their reach”. Without saying it as such, we had to somehow convey that ING is “for everybody” & “very affordable”.


We had to play to our strengths and dramatize the speed of our process and the nicer customer experience you get with ING, “fast process, popular, affordable, found in big cities, nice clerks…”.
So, that was when it hit us: What if we portray ING Bank as a sort of “financial fast-food”? It was an easy to grasp metaphor that managed to put forward a strong point: there’s nothing “hard to get” about it, it works for everybody.

And that is how “Creditul ING pe repede-nainte” came into shape.


ING managed to exceed even its most ambitious sales target and sold 48 586 personal loans during the campaign (from Apr 14th to Dec 18th, 18 weeks) – vs. the 45 000 projected - and it was very clear that we have reached people we previously did not “have”; we reached 40% New Client Penetration Rate! [Source: client data]

Moreover, ING got its biggest market share ever (personal needs loans) – increasing from 8.3% in Q4 2015 to 10.3% in Q4 2016. [Source: client data plus National Bank of Romania data]


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