First step towards an Effie Award

Efficient communication campaigns of 2007 are closer to an award in the fifth edition of Romanian Effie Awards 2008.
Call for entries for this year’s edition have started since the 15th of February.
The first step in entering the competition consists in filling in the Effectiveness Brief, corresponding to any category in the contest, or filling in the brief dedicated to the Sustained Success category – Brief of Sustained Success.

When providing the information in the briefs, participants must take into account the fact that the campaign subscribed in the competition needs a very accurate, precise and punctual description, in order to be properly evaluated by the jury.
It is recommended that the brief contains conclusive data for the campaign’s efficiency and also that is filled in, so as to be easily read and understood by the judges.
The two subscribing briefs – Effectiveness Brief and Brief of Sustained Success – can be downloaded from the official site of the competition – They will contain details about the campaign strategy, marketing tools, stated objectives, involved media, creativity and results at the end of the campaign.
Later on, these information are to be sustained with executions of the strategic planning.

Cases subscribed in the competition for an Effie Award will be evaluated in a two step judging process taking place on the 12th and 13th of May. Creative works will not be evaluated in the first round, but only information regarding comunication strategy, stated and fulfilled objectives. Data writen in the brief must be evidence of the connection between stated objectives and obtained results.
The second round of the judging process will evaluate creative works in comparison with the data mentioned in the participating brief.

Participants must keep in mind the fact that it is mandatory to translate all the creative works into English and to mention the campaign which they belong to.
The name of the participating company or agency must not appear on any subscribed material.

The 2008 edition of Romanian Effie Awards brings in a few novelties meant to provide a more accurate description of the actual and modern business environment, so as theSustained Success category. This section awards performance proved by a brand on a three years’ period of time or even more and honors campaigns with constant success which have achieved or surpassed their objectives.

Effie competition receives campaigns developed between January 2007 and December 2007 for all categories in the contest, except Sustained Success category for which the results must date back since January 2005 and must also include year 2007. Campaigns may have been started earlier than the mentioned period of time but must have been shown during the time specified in the statutes alike the results of the campaign.
Winning or previous participating campaigns can not compete in the 2008 Romanian Effie Awards. Cases entering the festival must have been displayed on at least one of the following media support: TV, Radio, Print, OOH or Internet.

Agencies and companies can subscribe their campaigns between the 15th of February and the 1st of May 2008. All submissions will be centralized by Millenium Communications – the organizing agency, and the winners will be announced at the Awarding Gala which will take place on the 15th of May 2008.

The local edition of Effie Awards is a project signed by The International Advertising Association (IAA) in partnership with Uniuniea Agentiilor de Publicitate din Romania (UAPR) and will be organized by Millenium Communications for the second consecutive year.

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